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My work as a therapist

People of all ages come to see me with the purpose of discussing their problems.A consultation enables you to develop a greater awareness of your feelings and behavioural patterns and to know and love yourself better.

I am able to sense in advance which flower remedy mix will be appropriate in supporting you through this process. My mediumistic skills enable me to pick up information from your energy field which tells me which mixture will be required in your particular case. This mixture can be compared to a story which leads me to the various themes of the present situation and informs me of your present standpoint in life.

When after one or more consultations your fear and despair begin to transform into courage and joy and you are ready to accept responsibility for your own life and to look forward to each new day, I will know that you have found yourself and that you are on the path to a better life.

When dealing with problems concerning children I work exclusively with one parent (mostly the mother); there is no need for the child to be present. I firmly believe that children instinctively respond to the condition and behavioural patterns they witness in their mother. It is therefore very important that in the case of „children's problems" the mother or father are treated at the same time in order to restore the inner harmony and self-confidence of all concerned.

I am always happy to explain my way of working in more detail. Please call tel. +41 (0) 56 470 35 66 or write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.

A consultation – in English or German – lasts approx. 60 minutes. My practice is in Rütihof near Baden. For more information see under Anfahrt

One consultation, incl. 1Bach Flower Remedy Mix costs CHF 140.-
One consultation, incl. 2 Bach Flower Remedy Mixes (Mother and Child) costs CHF 160.-