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An alternative way of communicating with animals followed by help with the modification of behavioural patterns or the solving of problems

The meaning of communication with animals


All communication is based on telepathy, the “sensing of feelings over a distance”. Everything we say is based on our thought processes, ideas, feelings or visions. All creatures communicate via telepathy with each other. This is nothing extraordinary but an inherent skill which is found within all creatures including human beings. Most people, however, are unaware of this skill as so much emphasis is placed on the spoken word.


Communication with animals is therefore based on the channels which are common to both animals and human beings. As a mediator it is my task to listen and to apply my telepathic skills in order to pick up the animal’s response in the form of images or emotions etc and to translate these into speech. In this way a dialogue with the animal is formed as active communication incorporates both listening as well as imparting information.


Every animal is capable of communicating regardless of their size, colour or age or whether it is a dog, a cat, a horse, a rabbit or a goldfish. There is a soul in each animal which asks to be recognized and understood.


What can be achieved through communication with animals?


My confidential communication with your animal will enable you to understand it better, to clarify any misunderstandings and to develop or improve your relationship with each other. You will gain greater insight into its thoughts, feelings, wishes and intentions.


I shall therefore be acting as an interpretor between you and your animal. Animal communication should not, however, ever be seen as an alternative to seeing a vet in the case of severe physical problems.


I experience repeatedly how fear, aggression and general apathy in animals can be alleviated through such remedies. The animals often demonstrate either a newly developed sense of inner peace or, alternatively, they display a surge of energy which the animal owner is then able to absorb and harness.


My work with animals


I am happy to treat any animal. At the moment I work mainly with dogs, horses, ponys, cats, rabbits and birds.


On the day of the appointment, before the personal session with the owner, I enter into a communication with the animal itself, a communication between souls. The animal itself does not need to be present, I just need to know its name and a short description of the problems. While in communication with the animal I am able to sense which Bach Flower Remedy will be suitable to calm and stabilize the animal.


I will gladly explain my way of working in more detail. Please call tel. +41 (0) 56 470 35 66 or write to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.


The consultation – which can be held in English or German – lasts 60 minutes and takes place in my consultation room in Rütihof near Baden. You will find a description of how to find me under Anfahrt


One consultation with an animal, including 1 Bach Flower Remedy, costs CHF 140.-