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Portrait_2012Following a lengthy period of study in the „Development of my Mediumship led by Gaye Muir in England I became interested in further areas such as foot reflexology, Reiki, intuitive healing, communication with animals, meditation, yoga, the Nathal Method and acting as an NLP practitioner.

On completion of a two year course I gained a diploma at the Samuel Hahnemann school in Aarau, Switzerland, qualifying me to work as a Bach Flower Remedy therapist. I furthered my studies for the following two years at the „Dr E. Bach Foundation" in England and was awarded the diploma of „International Therapist".

At the same time I continued to further my studies on developing my Mediumship by training my psychic and mediumistic skills. I attended courses held by Bill Coller, Scotland, Marcia Day, England, Eileen Mitchamson, England, Kahuna Kaipo, Hawai and followed seminars at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK.

In 1998 I decided to apply the skills and experience I had acquired and to act as a practitioner, focusing on therapeutic, psychic and mediumistic treatments for people and animals.

The purpose of a Bach Flower Remedy therapy is to enable the client to find the strength to deal with his concerns and to regain control of his life. I accompany the client through this process to the point where he is ready and able to lead his life with renewed joy and energy.

Communication with animals and their owners allows me to gain an insight into the current situation of an animal and thereby an improved understanding of its behaviour. The chosen Bach Flower Remedy will support the animal to regain its inner harmony and emotional balance.

In a private sitting I am able to make contact with those who have passed-on although I cannot determine who will enter into the dialogue. All messages are well intended. In general they are pieces of advice or answers to hitherto unanswered questions. I regularly experience how helpful such a session can be for those left behind.

I work in English and German.

Since 2004 I have worked regularly at the Schweizer Paraspychologische Gesellschaft in Zürich. Further details are listed under Angebote

Further I also hold one day seminars, further education evenings and demonstration evenings on pschycic and mediumistic powers and skills. Details are listed under Angebote

I would also be very pleased to hold seminars, lectures or demonstrations at a venue chosen and organized by you.