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Portrait_2012Following a lengthy period of study in the „Development of my Mediumship led by Gaye Muir in England I became interested in further areas such as foot reflexology, Reiki, intuitive healing, communication with animals, meditation, yoga, the Nathal Method and acting as an NLP practitioner.

On completion of a two year course I gained a diploma at the Samuel Hahnemann school in Aarau, Switzerland, qualifying me to work as a Bach Flower Remedy therapist. I furthered my studies for the following two years at the „Dr E. Bach Foundation" in England and was awarded the diploma of „International Therapist".

At the same time I continued to further my studies on developing my Mediumship by training my psychic and mediumistic skills. I attended courses held by Bill Coller, Scotland, Marcia Day, England, Eileen Mitchamson, England, Kahuna Kaipo, Hawai and followed seminars at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK.

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My work as a therapist

People of all ages come to see me with the purpose of discussing their problems.A consultation enables you to develop a greater awareness of your feelings and behavioural patterns and to know and love yourself better.

I am able to sense in advance which flower remedy mix will be appropriate in supporting you through this process. My mediumistic skills enable me to pick up information from your energy field which tells me which mixture will be required in your particular case. This mixture can be compared to a story which leads me to the various themes of the present situation and informs me of your present standpoint in life.

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Procedure of a spiritual Consultation

Initially – if it is your first consultation – I answer any general questions you may have. A short period of silence and relaxation helps me to tap into the spiritual world. I then try to establish contact with deceased relatives and acquaintances. As long as the details I pick up enable you to identify the deceased person correctly I then pass their message on to you.

All messages are well intended. Nobody tells you what you should or should not do, nor does anyone set any conditions. You will receive helpful pieces of advice for certain situations but no solutions. You should however never apply this advice without reflecting on it first and being sure that it is the right thing to do.

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An alternative way of communicating with animals followed by help with the modification of behavioural patterns or the solving of problems

The meaning of communication with animals


All communication is based on telepathy, the “sensing of feelings over a distance”. Everything we say is based on our thought processes, ideas, feelings or visions. All creatures communicate via telepathy with each other. This is nothing extraordinary but an inherent skill which is found within all creatures including human beings. Most people, however, are unaware of this skill as so much emphasis is placed on the spoken word.